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In the old Testament the sons of Issachar were the few of the few. The Bible says they were men who “had understanding of the times”, what does this mean?

Simply, it means they were aware of what was going on in their city, nation, and world, both spiritually and politically. The sons of Issachar not only understood the times that they lived in, but they also had unique insight on how the people of God were supposed to think and what they were to do about those circumstances. The sons of Issachar were advisors to the people, to the prophets, and also to the King. Today, more then ever before, we need people of God to have understanding of our times. It is my heart's desire that through the Sons of Issachar Ministries the people of God will be informed about both spiritual and political issues of today, and what will be coming in the future. It is my belief that through that understanding the people of God will see revival kindled in their hearts, and that lost souls will be saved.


“I would like to enthusiastically recommend Evangelist Carter Cockman and Sons of Issachar Ministries. As his family’s former pastor, I have known him all of his life and have had the privilege of seeing him saved at a young age and then grow to become an outstanding young man. He is doctrinally sound and biblically grounded. Bro. Cockman has spoken here at our church much to the delight and benefit of our people. His wisdom and understanding are far beyond his years. Should you choose to invite Bro. Cockman to minister to your congregation, I believe that you will be greatly blessed and not be disappointed!”

Pastor Steve Proctor, Westwood Baptist Church, Poplar Bluff, MO

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Carter & Maddie Cockman

Hello, my name is Carter Cockman. I am an evangelist sent out of Assurance Baptist Church of Northmont, Ohio and the founder of Sons of Issachar. To give you a synopsis of my testimony, I was blessed to grow up in a Bible believing home and a Bible preaching church. At the age of 5, I realized I was a sinner in need of a Saviour and accepted Jesus in to my life. I was called to the ministry at the age of 8 and the Lord confirmed that calling again at 16. Since then I have been following the Lords leading which guided me to the University of Cincinnati to study Chemical Engineering. In 2018 I was blessed to marry my lovely wife Maddie. Following the Lords call the two of us left the church we grew up in to assist in the plant of Assurance Baptist Church of Dayton, Ohio. Through our service there the Lord clarified His will for our lives and confirmed my calling to evangelism. Typically there are three types of evangelist. The first are men who are gifted soul winners, and can present the gospel clearly and see great fruit, the second are evangelist to the church, which are gifted at encouragement and uplifting of the saints. The final category of evangelist that we see are men specifically gifted by God to preach on current events and prophecy in the Bible, which is the area the Lord has burdened me with. Along with preaching the gospel the Sons of Issachar is a large part of my evangelism ministry. Through that I am able to write articles, produce content and reach out to other pastors and men to contribute to this cause. Now more than ever before we need Christians to be informed on social, spiritual, and political issues and to know what God says about them, and how we as believers are supposed to respond. It is my desire that through this ministry revival will be sparked in the hearts of believers, and lost souls will be saved!